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Why have your installation tested?

Electrical safety testing by fairway electrical

Fairway Electrical Contractors offer a comprehensive Inspection and Testing service, whether you are a homeowner wanting to check that your installation is safe, to landlords requiring a test due to a new tenant moving in, all the way to large commercial and industrial clients looking for a check on their electrical safety.

Our qualified, professional and courteous testers will endeavour to test your premises at a time, and cost, that suits you.

  • Domestic electrical testing
  • Landlords electrical testing
  • Commercial electrical testing
  • Industrial electrical testing

 In many cases it is a legal requirment to have your installation tested.

Although the UK has a very good record in electrical safety, around 30 people per year are killed as a result of electrocution, and it is estimated that in 2010 2.5 million people recieved a shock, 350,000 of whom were seriously injured. Electrical supplies were also responsible for nearly 3,000 house fires and 10 further deaths in 2010, as well as other appliances being responsible for more than 10,000 further fires.

Having your Electrical Installation routinely tested can minimise this risk.

We perform a series of tests, and inspect your property and its installation and will report back to you with anything that is dangerous and/or does not meet the Wiring Regulations for the UK (BS7671). This gives you a very good idea of how safe your installation is before anything dangerous can occur. If you discover problems too late, you may well pay the price.

The tests

All aspects of the electrical installation are inspected and tested for strength, integrity and compliance with the IEE Regulations in force at the time the system was installed and to the current regulations where applicable.Rest assured that our attention to detail will be your guarantee of a worthwhile survey that will enable you to bring about compliance with "The Electricity at Work Regulations".

  • Visual inspection of the installation.electrical testing pays dividends for your safety
  • Continuity of (cpc) & Earth conductors.
  • Continuity of the ring circuits.
  • Polarity.
  • Insulation resistance of conductors.
  • Earth loop impedance test to determine the quality of your earthing.
  • Testing of RCDs to check that they do trip at the correct time and current rating.
  • Functional switching and Isolation,to insure the switches actually switch the live conductor and not the Neutral.


 What we do.

Before we commence the test, we will walk the site with you to identify all the areas that have been previously agreed against a programme of work.

• We will agree the visit plan to make sure that we keep any disruption to your   production operations to a minimum.

• On arriving on site, the engineers will sign in and undergo any site specific Induction training required.

• All equipment to be tested will be disconnected from the mains supply. The testing will proceed against our arranged programme.

• Any serious faults identified will be brought to attention for further instructions.

• The pre-arranged testing programme will continue until completed.

• Once an area has been completed, we will notify your representative and move on to the next area in the programme.

• The report is discussed and issued.

All test certificates are entered in to a databse so that they are traceable.

Fairway electrical testing.